Delco Nightingale - Swingin' On the Edge
Written by Will “The Thrill” Viharo   

Delco Nightingale Takes the Slow Boat to Kensington (live recording)

S’Wingin’ It

Delco Nightingale (love that moody moniker) is a gritty, witty punk-rockabilly-jazz fusion band from Philly, featuring vivaciously vampy vocalist Erin Berry, with badass backup provided by guitarist Greg Phoenix, upright bassist Sawyer Thomas and drummer Eddie Everett. They already have a large, devoted following, turning on today’s jaded, melody-challenged kids to genuine swing/jazz standards, stripping down their big band influences and repackaging vintage hot numbers as coolly contemporary shots of pure adrenalin-pumping pop, reinventing chestnuts like “Fascinating Rhythm,” “It’s Only a Paper Moon,” “It’s Magic,” “It’s Been a Long, Long Time,” and “Nice Work If You Can Get It” for new generations of rockers, hipsters and hip-hoppers who aren’t even old enough to remember Brian Setzer or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, much less Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald. Though Erin’s sexy, sultry singing is the star of this sassy show, I also really dig the whistling, theremin-sounding "saw" on their brief, all-instro version of “Moon River,” giving Mancini’s melancholy classic an eerily ethereal quality. This is an efficient little ensemble whose every member shimmers, shimmies ‘n’ shines. The tracks on both their CDs to date are short, sweet shots of sonic tonic for the chronically croonless, offering nostalgia for the amnesiac, and a richly romantic retro rocket trip back to the future once promised by jumpin’, jivin’ jukeboxes everywhere, fueled by ironically charged doses of anarchic, but not archaic, attitude.



Will "The Thrill" Viharo is a freelance writer, host of the film series “Forbidden Thrills” at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, and creator of the long running cult movie cabaret “Thrillville.” He lives in Alameda, CA with his wife Monica “Tiki Goddess” Cortes and their two cats. His pulp novels “A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge,” “Lavender Blonde,” “Chumpy Walnut,” “Down a Dark Alley," "Freaks That Carry Your Luggage Up to the Room," “It Came From Hangar 18,” and the "Vic Valentine, Private Eye" series are now available at


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