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Planning Your Vintage Wedding; Invitations
Written by Amanda Porter   

Planning Your Vintage WeddingThe attire has been ordered; the flowers have been picked—what's left to complete the party? Oh yes, the guests! But how will you include them in your step-back-in-time day? It's simple—send them an invitation that will put them 'in the mood' at first glance!

Artie Shaw: The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Written by Athan Maroulis   

Artie ShawArtie Shaw was a sharp, observant son-of-a-bitch, and he certainly had his own opinion—as well as the chutzpah and talent to back it up. The eclectic and electric Artie Shaw passed away on December 30, 2004 at the age of 94, leaving behind a unique, diverse and wonderfully contradictory and polarized life and career.

The Type A-2 Flight Jacket
Written by Michael S. Goldfarb   

The Type A-2 Flight JacketThe leather flight jacket is one of the most popular and enduring garments introduced in the twentieth century, and the most familiar version is surely the Type A-2 Army/Air Force jacket. Only the Type G-1 Navy jacket rivals it, and apart from its fur collar and some minor detailing, it's really not all that different.

Portrait of a Rat Packer; Joey Bishop—"The Guy Behind the Guys"
Written by Sirkka E.H. Bertling   
Joey BishopThe comedic force behind the Rat Pack stage shows of the early 1960s, the only member who is still alive, Joey Bishopis the least remembered and celebrated of the five original members.
Shake, Rattle and Roll; Bubble Cars - Part 1
Written by Andrew Lawrence   

Bubble CarsIf anyone wanted to take a glance at the differences in attitudes and economy between Europe and America in the mid to late 1950s, you could do no better than observe the radical contrasts in motoring trends of that period.

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