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Life in the Penthouse: Automate Your Life
Written by Koop Kooper   

Automate Your LifeWhilst a fan of the fifties and sixties and quite clearly my appearance is that of a man stuck in a time warp I have always been a man who takes advantage of his current times. From attitudes to technology, and it is technology that I would like to talk about today.

Goodson Records: Pliable, Unbreakable and Featherweight
Written by Hans Koert   

Goodson Flexible Gramophone RecordsGoodson Records was a short lived record label which produced a flexible type of records in England between December 1929 and February 1931. One of the characteristic features of these white flexible records was that it had no separate (paper) label around the spindle hole like regular records, but its complete surface could be used for printed messages.

The Appeal of Mad Men
Written by Ami Thomas   

Mad MenWe are counting down to the Mad Men Season 4 Premiere, and you can not deny the appeal. Whether you watch it or not, you know about it. The AMC original series, set in the early 1960s, and focusing on the group of Ad Men (& women), working at the fictional Sterling Cooper agency on New York’s Madison Avenue, had a Season 3 premiere of 2.8 million viewers, a 57.7% increase over the Season 1 series premiere.

100 Candles for Artie
Written by Athan Maroulis   

Artie Shaw at 100May 2010 marks the 100th birthday of clarinetist/bandleader Artie Shaw, one of the top-grossing stars of the 1930s, and the only serious rival Benny Goodman had to his title as “The King of Swing." Athan Maroulis takes a look back at Shaw, his life and his music.

Life in the Penthouse: Bel Air Down Under
Written by Koop Kooper   

Koop's Bel AirGreat examples of mid-century modern homes are fairly rare in Australia. Most homes back in the fifties and sixties were fairly conservative for the time and often looked more like the houses built through the thirties. In a little place to the south of Sydney called Berry, there is a wonderful mid-century modern home that most people in Sydney have driven past and commented upon.

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